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      A lot of the times during the week, I pack Wayne, my husband, a lunch because his work & class hours are all jumbled up. Since we live out at the lake, 15 minutes “from town,” it’s more frugal (gas wise) for him to stay in town instead of coming home for lunch & then going back. Besides, he usually has only a short period of time for lunch before he needs to get back to class.

      On some dayshis schedule is where he can just snack & then actually get home for lunch & not have to go back until the evening time.
      *****so, lol,i need lunch & snackideas for him, any suggestions? :):)*****
      i’m really running out of ideas, aaahh!

      ialways pack sandwiches for his lunch….. he never complains but i would like to help him out lol……the lunch carrier we have keeps stuffslightly cool… so it can’t really be like yogurt & stuff like that because it melts..

      although i haven’t tried our 2 icepacks out.. one is large, one is small… & the weather is a little cooler..

      but anywayz,
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      god bless you all,


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