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      When I was working I took a lunch bag (insulated with a microwave
      rice bag to keep things warm) for warm items and a small cooler for
      cold items. I usually took a tupperware container with seasoned rice,
      a thermos with chicken broth to pour into rice and make a nice soup,
      a bottle of ice tea frozen the night before, bottle of water also
      frozen the night before, some snack crackers, cheese slices, slices
      of lunchmeat for the crackers, an apple or pear, and a pbj sandwhich.
      ok looking back at it that seems like alot to eat for a girl at
      lunch… lol. really though, i had long shifts and ate on break for
      dinner as well.

      if there is a microwave available to use than i would pack up
      leftovers in single serving sizes and add extra icepacks to keep them
      cold until he can nuke them for lunch. works well if you cook a
      favorite meal once a week and freeze two lunches out of it for the
      next week. rice dishes, spaghetti, lasagna, homemade pizza, chicken,
      mashed potatoes, and turkey travels fairly well.

      here is a few other ideas:
      home made trail mix
      muffins or corn bread
      pudding (travels better than yogurt)
      home made chex mix
      bags of potato chips/pretzels/crackers
      fresh fruit when available
      melon chunks when available
      croutons with ranch or a favorite dip
      bagel or croissant sandwhiches for a change from normal bread
      sandwhiches, for criossants i used the pillsbury ones and just made
      two because they are small.

      i used to also take turkey/chicken/eggsalad spread sandwhiches by
      keeping the spread in tupperware or a sandwhich bag and making the
      sandwhich just before i ate it. keeps the bread from being soggy.

      to send a non-wilted salad you can prepare it the way a restaurant
      preps it for the salad bar. cut or tear lettuce, carrots, whatever
      else is in salad, and put it in a bowl, add ice, about half as much
      ice as lettuce, add water to fill bowl and mix ice into salad. let
      sit about 15 minutes.

      Drain water and ice off and put in cooler in a
      tupperware container with ice packs. Add toppings just before eating
      and lettuce should be crisp for up to 5 hours. May want to test this
      at home first, though.

      As I am not a salad eater and have not tried
      it in a cooler. In the cold bar the lettuce will keep crisp for up to
      8 hours.

      Well that is all I have for ideas hope some work for you,

      — In, Rachel Lenn Nix

      > *****so, lol, i need lunch & snack ideas for him, any
      suggestions? :):)*****
      > thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      > god bless you all,
      > *rachelennix*

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