Lucy, charging 18 yr old

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      Have you contacted local food pantries? No one should ever starve in this country.The 16 year old is not your 18 year olds responsibility. But it’s never tooearly for her to face the realities of what needs to be paid for either. If she moves out, what would you do differently? Since you are using aliving room to sleep in taking on a roommate is out of the question.

      My mother is on disability but she does quite a bit still to help watch kids in the daycare. Could you take a couple of children in to care for during the week? You could do only toddlers that can walk. That way you can lay a towel on the couch and have them climb up to have their diaper changed. You don’t have to lug on them. My mother NEVER picks up the ones that can do for themselves. She even makes the potty training boys climb up on the toilet themselves. I don’t have the patience to wait. I just lug on the kids and then end up with a sore back LOL! I guess I should learn from my mother.


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      This month I had no money food food budgeted and I even stopped paying the credit cards and the medical bills. And you think we wouldn’t starve? I feel the phones are a safety measure and the car is a legal issue, I have to take them to Montana because I have a court order.


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