Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! LOVE THIS SITE!!

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      hi everyone! I just registered yesterday. This site is AMAZING!!!

      I discovered it on Facebook, tried a recipe from there then decided to look into the site. I’m letting my daughter in law know as well. 🙂 will visit forum a bit later.

      I’m always in search of different recipes, especially the “mixes, and copy cat recipes” tonight, I will be making for the first time, Hamburger Help-Chili Mac, I just made the mix, anxious to find out how it tastes! I prefer homemade, but sometimes in a pinch I have relied on “boxed” meals, I don’t like the sodium level in boxed/prepared food 🙁

      I also like to do crafts, make things an give as gifts….i’m excited!

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      Hello pcfoster, welcome aboard. I think you’ll really enjoy the site, there’s a ton of things to see here. :w3:

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! LOVE THIS SITE!!