Love crafts of all kinds, anyone else lout there budget crafting?

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      I have been crafting for almost 43 years. I have never found a craft I didn’t like! Anyone else as addicted to crafts as me.

      Thrift stores are my stand by. Love to share ideas. Looking forward to meeting other crafters.

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      Yes! I really want to get into basket weaving or furniture construction. Any experience in this?

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      hi, my most favorite craft is crosstitch. i have been stitching for 30 you crosstitch?

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      I like to crochet. I do a little sewing, but not too much.

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      Love crafting here just wish I could make a living and pay bills doing it!

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      I love crafts of all kinds. While it doesn’t pay the bills – it does help with the gifting, and household budget quite a bit! Not to mention any entertaining/events that we have.

      It’s nice to have unique things that don’t break the bank 🙂 Plus, my passion for upcycling keeps my crafting budget down…a little…sometimes 😉

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      i have been crafting for years also. whatever comes about. my last was decorative painting, and now i’m trying my hand at making jewelry have sold some and I really enjoy it

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      what you need:
      clean plastic liter bottle
      colored yarn of you choice
      knitting needle/crochet needle
      hole puncher
      scissors or razor blade (being very careful not to cut yourself)
      1 plastic adhesive holder to attach wherever you are going to hang

      Cut off top of liter bottle approximately 1/3 to 1/4 way down
      take hole puncher and punch holes, closely together, around edging of bottle leaving plastic between holes and edging
      Knit/crochet a top on it
      Knit a handle if you choose or hang by knitted edging
      Run yarn through edge of topping to be able to gather top to close
      Leave extra yarn hanging down to use to open and close the top
      Roll each bag into a ball store in your new bag holder
      Hang somewhere convenient for you and family
      great for holding all those plastic bags from stores we all gather and have no idea what to do with!
      cheap gift to make for any holiday/birthday–$5 to make (maybe cheaper if you get the pop and yarn on sale or clearance)
      happy making! hope this helps anyone’s budget/gift making

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      Sure would love to see a pic of this.

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      I love any sort of crafts. My latest passion is making jewelry. Easy to store the beads and findings.

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      I love to craft, too. I do cross-stitch, crochet, jewelry making, and I teach some to my granddaughters. I haven’t found a way to make it really budget friendly, so I just build the cost of it into my budget.

      Love to hear others’ ideas!

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      I’m into the Steampunk crafts, myself — little gears, electronic parts, reformed into something useful or decorative. Was into cross-stitch for a long time; it helped me to quit smoking. I have 8 years experience as a custom picture framer, but I am no longer doing it professionally and don’t have the set-up space.

      I’d love to learn jewelry. I was looking at the wire bending “jigs” (I think they’re called) last time I was at Michael’s Arts and Crafts.

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      love crafting garage sales ! my first dsy

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Crafts & Homemade Items Love crafts of all kinds, anyone else lout there budget crafting?