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      I lost my job last week too. We are currently eating out of the

      freezer since I don’t know when I’ll be able to start work again.

      Can’t say it’s the best way to clean out the freezer, but at least it

      was well stocked with meats.

      I’m letting everyone I know that I am unexpectedly unemployed. I’ve

      even been attaching my resume to my emails. I’m afraid that I will get

      offered a job and will feel like I need to take it instead of waiting

      on some of the larger employers (local universities and medical

      centers who will have great benefits). I’d need more than what I was

      making because I worked in a small local town and the interviews I

      have so far scheduled are in towns 20 miles away, therefore I’ll be

      spending a lot more for gas. Let’s say I get offered a job this week

      and I can start Monday, but I have an interview set up for next

      Tuesday at a place that has great benefits, do I tell the “new”

      employer that I have an appointment and still go to it? I’m



      Fight Breast cancer……no one should die from it


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