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      I’d say accept what you are comfortable with. If it’s a week from

      now, you can probably afford to be pickier on where you accept a job


      If you are still looking 3 months from now, and get a job offer, it

      would likely be in your best interest to accept it.

      As long as you do not sign a contract specifying you’ll work there

      for a year, or whatever, you can always decline the job later, or

      quit after you find a better job.

      With the economy what it is, I would not personally turn anything

      down, even if it’s slightly less money- less money is still more

      than no income.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Anggie Thompson”



      > I lost my job last week too. We are currently eating out of the

      > freezer since I don’t know when I’ll be able to start work again.

      > Can’t say it’s the best way to clean out the freezer, but at least


      > was well stocked with meats.

      > I’m letting everyone I know that I am unexpectedly unemployed. I’ve

      > even been attaching my resume to my emails. I’m afraid that I will


      > offered a job and will feel like I need to take it instead of


      > on some of the larger employers (local universities and medical

      > centers who will have great benefits). I’d need more than what I


      > making because I worked in a small local town and the interviews I

      > have so far scheduled are in towns 20 miles away, therefore I’ll be

      > spending a lot more for gas. Let’s say I get offered a job this


      > and I can start Monday, but I have an interview set up for next

      > Tuesday at a place that has great benefits, do I tell the “new”

      > employer that I have an appointment and still go to it? I’m

      > befuddled…..


      > —

      > Anggie

      > Fight Breast cancer……no one should die from it

      > https://anggie-ggslife.blogspot.com/


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