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      I really dislike when they have a sale and you have to spend x amount of
      dollers to get the sale. I still shop those sales sometimes though, and do
      some stock up on stuff that either never goes on sale, or stuff that I need
      anyways. One year when my store had turkeys cheep with a minimum $10
      purchase, I still spent enough stocking up to buy 9 turkeys — on 9 separate
      trips. I stocked up on stuff like toilet paper, personal care items,
      cleaning stuff, and some staples, most of which were on sale and I needed

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      > Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 23:00:50 -0500
      > From: Janet Schmidt <janetschmidt@ameritech.net>
      > Subject: Re: loss leader??
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      > It’s usually the advertised specials in the store’s flyer. The really
      > deals they promote each week. The idea is they either take a loss on sale
      > items, or, don’t make the normal profit margin, to get people into the
      > store, figuring that most will then do all their other weekly shopping and
      > they will make it back up on that.
      > Most times you can just buy the sale items, the loss leaders. Sometimes,
      > around say Thanksgiving, the stores around here will put turkeys on sale
      > say .14 or .19 a pound. But, they say for that you must have a 50.00
      > purchase. They do the same thing with soda pop, sometimes will have
      > really cheap – maybe 3 for 10 but you have to spend another 10 or 20.
      > most times, as I said, you can just buy the sales.
      > Janet

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