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      Hey everyone!!!!!!!!
      Well i did the grocery inventory today as much as i could w/out straining to see
      what’s up in the pantry.. lol… & have written my menu out for the month up to
      Sunday, Dec.

      21st… i’m looking for suggestions on nice meals & desserts for
      atleast up to the 26th..

      and the rest of that month we should have plenty of
      We’ve prayed about it & the only things we are spending money on this Christmas
      is our gift to eachother (which we weren’t going to do except we remembered that
      we really want to take pics of Elijah after he is born so we bought a camera) &
      some nice food for the holidays (which also is going towards our families &
      friends for gifts,) so, feel free to put in whatever!

      i already have a lot of
      the ingredients for the desserts listed below.

      so far for dessert ideas, i have:

      homemade powdered sugar donuts

      german chocolate cake

      angel food cake

      icecream cake

      oreo dirt cake

      cow pattie cookies
      plain cookies w/ green sprinkles

      rice krispies, plain & cocoa ones

      fantasy fudge

      white chocolate covered pretzels

      cream cheese brownies

      french mint brownies

      pineapple cheese squares

      four layer delight

      banana pudding

      peppermint crunch



      german apple??

      cherry cheesecake

      frozen yogurt pies



      – rachelenn

      god bless you
      “merry christmas!”

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