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      I posted in home improvement but no response.I am looking to fix up yard for above ground pool.I can get palm trees, fronds and cypress for free.I can make benches and tables with this and I can wood carve both palms and cypress for further unique decorations.I am an artist so I can put pictures and stuff up.Since I live in a beach area I do alot of beach scenes for people.I am not so much set on Beach as I am Knowing I can make it look cool for little if any money.I am open to suggestions on other ideas and how to accomplish them.I really need this to be both kid friendly but enjoyable to grownups also.Thank you for any advice or ideas.

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      Grrr, I just spent more than 30 minutes responding to your post and then I accidentally logged myself out and lost the whole damn thing.

      So, here’s a quickie summary: first, if you don’t already have your pool in- get some of that tongue and groove 1″ foam (it interlocks), go over the seams with duct tape (2-3 good layers) to make sure that no groove will come through and cut it to the shape/size of your pool. Level the ground, THEN put the foam down- it creates and AWESOME nearly puncture proof base – it helps get all the wrinkles out when you fill the pool, keeps the plants from growing up through the liner and gives some extra padding and insulation. It works GREAT.

      As for decor- which was your real question (sorry I digress too easily!)- here’s a link I found that has TONS of great photos of different set-ups and themes that people did with their pools:

      pool – Garden Designs – Page 1 – Decorating Ideas – HGTV Rate My Space

      I think you’ll be able to get some great ideas.

      we’d love to see before and after pics when you get it done! Smile, its spring!

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      The plants you choose to surround your pool should be carefully considered before any buying or digging takes place. Once your pool is in place, you may find that it creates a sort of microclimate. A heated pool can raise humidity levels, and intense sunlight can fry nearby landscaping. Plants can get splashed with chlorine and other pool and spa chemicals. The trick is to find strong plants that can withstand your pool’s microclimate, are easy to maintain and still look great.
      Complete Article and photos here:
      Swimming Pool Garden Design | Best Plants for Poolside Area | Landscaping Your Pool or Spa Area | Swimming Pool Landscaping Photos

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      I knew I would get great input here! Thank you both so much And Liss I will for sure post pics(Just have to figure out how) I am glad you mentioned installation because we would not have done these things if not.Tashdan I never even cosidered the chlorine and such.Thanks. I am on my way to check out the sites yall left for me.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Gardening & Landscaping Looking for in put on pool area decorations