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      You can also make fleece blankets; hubby and I made these one year for everybody, kids and grownups both, and they were a BIG hit. :>) Just measure how big you want your blanket to be (like for a couch size lap quilt), buy two lengths of fleece, either the same or contrasting colors, with about five inches extra all around. Lay your fleece pieces (oooh, sounds like Reese's Pieces!

      LOL), one at a time, out on a big surface–we did ours on the floor–and mark with a pencil the five inches, in about 2 inch increments, from the outside of the fleece in. Cut these and make a fringe with them. Do this for both large pieces of fleece, and then lay them together, stacked one on top of the other, everhow you want the blanket to look.

      Take each piece of fringe from each large fleece piece and tie them together in a knot, pushing the knot as close to the end of the fleece as possible. Continue around until all the fringe pieces are tied together. Wash the blankets; that makes them softer and more fluffy.

      And then you're finished!! voila!


      on 8/14/07, Denise[/b] <denise.j.young@gmail.com> wrote:

      Something we always give to coworkers and friends is baskets and tins
      full of homemade cookies and candies. For those with special dietary
      restrictions, we alter accordingly.

      In years past, we've included:

      Snowballs (aka Russian tea cakes, Mexican wedding cakes), Candy Cane
      cookies, Polvorones (anise-flavored, cinnamon-sugar covered little
      cookies that melt in your mouth), shortbread, chocolate
      dipped “oreos” with sprinkles or nuts, rum-balls, and chocolate
      covered cherries.

      Other idea are simple cross-stitch ornaments (may I suggest the
      blackwork archives <
      for starters, homemade jar candles (you can find all the ingredients
      you need at your local craft store), homemade soaps or lotions, or
      simple quilts.

      Wal-Mart and JoAnn Fabrics both have pre-done quilt-look material.
      All you need to do is find batting (a hint: old blankets from the
      goodwill work WONDERFULLY for this!) and a sheet or appropriate
      material for the back, stitch it together on the sides and do a
      little hand embroidery to keep the layers together.

      Good luck!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Looking for home made gift ideas