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      fleece hats

      items needed:

      tape measure

      1/2 Yard Fleece Fabric (I stock up on fleece remenents found at Wal-

      Mart & Jo-Ann’s, usually they are discounted quite a bit, and I get

      a great variety this way!


      Needle & Thread (Or sewing machine)

      1 – 6 inch strip of fleece

      First, use a fabric tape measure to measure the head you wish to

      make the hat for.

      Next, cut a peice of fleece 16 inches wide, and as long as the head

      measurement- PLUS 2 inches to allow for seams.

      Fold the fleece, so that the 16 inch edges are flat together. Sew a

      zigzag stitch with a machine, or a basic straight stitch by hand, up

      the side, leaving the top 3-4 inches unsewn. Turn inside out so the

      seam is inside.

      Roll the bottom edge up twice, so that the seam is hidden. You can

      do a quick stitch to hold it into place, too.

      Gather the top unsewn area and tie off with the fleece strip. You

      can leave as it is, or you can fringe it with scissors. I recommend

      fringing it before you tie it off.

      Alternative idea’s:

      Sew two strips of contrasting fleece back to back, turning inside

      out so the seams are inside. Construct as mentioned above, for a

      contrasting color on the turned up side, and added color to the top


      Add buttons, fleece cut out shapes, ribbons and more to the turned

      up cuff for decoration.

      Use ribbon instead of fleece to tie off the top, or decrotive cord.

      Total time spent- about 10-15 minutes.

      This is a great craft for kids to help out with, or even do


      fleece scarves

      what you need:

      fleece fabric, 2 or 3 strips 60-80 inches long, 3-4 inches wide. Cut

      so that it is stretchy width wise, not length wise. I buy my fleece

      in remenents at Jo-Ann’s & Wal-mart, and usually get it 20-50% off

      the price of buying the same cut from the bolt, and I get lots of

      patterns and colors to choose from this way.

      sewing machine


      what to do:

      lay the fleece strips on top of each other. the edges do not have to

      match perfectly.

      sew a zig zag stitch straight down the very middle of the fabric,

      not the edges.

      use your scissors or a rotary cutter to fringe the edges. you can do

      it narrow or wide. make sure you leave about 1/2 inch of space near

      the middle uncut, so the scarf doesn’t cut apart!

      Decrotive Touches-

      Use contrasting colors & patterns for the layers to make a full and

      colorful scarf.

      Twist and pull the fringe to curl it.

      Use school colors!

      This project takes roughly 10 minutes, and can be done with help

      from little ones. Make sure to help them with the actual sewing!

      heating pads

      what you need:

      felt or fleece remanents

      grosgain ribbon

      uncooked, non-instant rice



      needle or sewing machine

      cut a block shape or a tube shape from 2 peices of matching or

      contrasting fabric. Sew them inside out on 3 sides, adding the

      ribbon handle to one side (stick the two ends of the ribbn hanging

      out, with the “handle” in between the material). Turn it right side

      out, fill it about 1/2 or 2/3’s full of the rice, then carefully

      fold the open end inward a bit and sew it shut. Make sure to go over

      the seams good.

      These can be microwaved for up to 3 minutes (less for smaller ones),

      and are great for cramps, headaches, boo-boos, etc. They can also be

      stuck in the freezer for ice packs. My family asks for these every

      year. They cost me about $5 to make up around 5 or 6 of them.

      Now, aside from that, here’s a few articles I wrote on Gather last

      year about cutting back the costs for Christmas gifts- most of the

      ideas could work year around, though!



      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, mluckduck8@… wrote:


      > I am really getting into making things myself and trying to get

      back to

      > simpler ways of life. I would love any ideas you may have for

      home/hand made gifts. I am also just learning to sew. So, if it

      needs to be sewn it will have to be easy. : )


      > Mary Moses

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