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      Refuse to pay the bill. They (Verizion) tried to pull that on me a
      few years ago (they bought out some carrier and we didn’t know about
      it) and they kept sending us a bill for well over $100. Then it was
      less than that (they said they would settle for like 30%-40% of the
      ORIGINAL bill. We never sent them a penny. You are required to
      choose a long distance carrier. That has been the rule for several
      years. For several years we were with one of those 10-10 companies.
      At first They charged a $4.95 monthly fee then 10 cents a minute.
      Then they dropped the monthly fee and it was 5 cents a minute. It
      was that way until recently I called them to have a call removed off
      my bill that I did not make. They said they would remove it, but
      they never did. While I was on the phone with them, they asked me if
      I was aware that they were gonna start charging a monthly fee again.
      I said NO I wasn’t, and asked how much it was gonna be. She said
      $2.95 and that the rates would remain at 5 cents a minute with a 10
      minute minimum, but that if I didn’t make any long distance calls that
      I would not be charged the monthly fee. So I started shopping around
      and found a company that is 4 cents a minute with no monthly fee, so
      we will see. We don’t make many long distance calls and I felt that
      that $2.95 would be better spent paying down my bills. Especially
      with as little long distance calls as I make. I am gonna look into
      getting a Sams Card so I can buy those AT&T pre paid calling cards.

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