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      As my upcoming cross-country move grows near, I find myself thinking of ways to keep the kids busy in the back seat of my car. Anyone have any ideas? I won’t put a dvd player back there but my laptop will play movies and games on it.

      Here is what I have so far (ps, it’s a 4 day trip from co to ga with a stop to see family and plenty of stops for kids and dogs)

      • i’m saving those plastic easter eggs to fill with little snacks like fruit snacks, dried bananas, cereal, goldfish crackers, etc
      • car bingo, printed on the internet
      • movies on the computer
      • games on the computer

      the golden retriever will serve as the room divider between my daughters (they’re 5 & 10).

      Anyone have any other travel ideas for keeping kids busy on the cheap?

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      Here are a few ideas. Hope you have a good road trip.

      Travel ideas for keeping kids busy on the cheap

      1. Books, Magazines (Especially puzzle books and coloring books and workbooks)

      2. Paper Dolls, take favorite Doll or toy

      3. Blank Paper for Drawing, pencils, crayons

      4. Small Set of Checkers, Tic Tac Toe (magnetic) (Dollar Store carries these)

      5. A Pillow and a Blanket each girl to have their own of course.

      6. List of Songs

      7. Portable C.D. Player


      Take the girls to the Dollar Store and let them pick up a few things that they would like to pack in their own tote bag.

      Bring Snacks

      Granola bars and snack packages of crackers with cheese are another good choice. Also be sure to buy juice bottles or bottled water for the trip.

      Fun Songs and Games:

      On long road trips, singing helps the miles to fly by quickly.

      A fun game is I spy. One person in the car says, “I spy something red.” Another person tries to guess what is red.

      This goes on until someone gets it right and then it is his or her turn. This game will also make the trip go faster.

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      When we moved from Ohio to South Dakota (only a two day trip with the U-Haul) someone had bought a cheap fishing tackle box for the boys and filled it with a box of crayons, pencils, little note pad, the party favor toys like coloring pages, yo-yo’s, sun glasses, snacks etc. It was nice because they each had their own little box and kept them busy. They got the boxes just as we got into the car to leave.

      Each time we would stop at a rest stop we would grab a map for each of them and they would try to follow along on the road to see which area we were in that time.

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      My kids have an on going thing right now where they count how many pt cruisers & vw bugs they see each day and see who can find the most. now as only one came on the trip and they others stayed home, she is far and away winning the daily game! these cars seem to be much more popular down here in the south than it was in nw mo! she isn’t going any farther than the ones at home but they at home are lucky to see 10 to 15 and down here she is seeing 38 to 45 each day on our little trip to the beach and back.

      I have been surprised how attentive they get counting these each day!

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      Thanks for the ideas! 🙂

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      ear plugs, a couple of nintendo ds’ link them up and let them play each other

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