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      I was the caretaker for my 82 year old Mom. I moved her to a room downstairs after I rented a hospital bed for her (you can get a prescription for these beds & they are medically necessary). I called my lawyer and had her come over to the house so that Mom could write a new will.

      The day Mom did her new will she signed a POA (Power of Attorney) and a Medical Directive. It was a really good thing that she signed these documents !!!!

      The last week in January 2007 Mom had a silent heart attack and a frontal lobe stroke. She went from the hospital directly into a nursing home.

      I paid $225.00 for these documents including a house call.

      It’s called Peace of Mind.

      I was also on Mom’s checking account so that I could write checks.

      Needless to say, my relatives are not happy that I was prepared.

      Oh & by the way, my life has been a living —-.

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