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      While in theory I agree about seeing an attorney, on the other hand I
      work for a bunch of them and they are unbelievably costly! Certainly,
      see one if necessary, but be prepared for the expense. They charge
      hundreds of dollars and hour, and bill by the one tenth of an hour –
      for each and every little thing they do, too – like putting a piece of
      paper in a filing cabinet, for instance.

      You will have to judge for
      yourself if going to those lengths are necessary with respect to your
      situation and your family.

      My mother died almost two years ago now, and she did her living will by
      filling out the form the hospital gave us, and it worked perfectly for
      us – but always remember ymmv (your milage may vary). also, i’ve
      noticed that our hospital has those forms for downloading on their
      website. now each state has different laws about what they will and
      won’t accept in terms of living wills, so do a google search for
      hospitals in your area.

      maybe they have what you need right there.


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