Living on a budget

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      14.0pt;font-family:Tahoma;color:navy;”>How old are you children??? Are
      they old enough to be involved in the cooking process? Most kids will eat
      what they help prepare.

      I am very blessed with two children who will eat just
      about anything, but even they have their picky days. We have a rule at our
      house, one bite of everything on your plate, regardless if you like it or not.
      I also extend this rule to their friends when they visit. No problems, so far.
      As for snacks: popcorn is a BIG hit at our house, as is apples, crackers
      w/peanut butter (that they make themselves), cheese (cut from the block) and
      crackers, pretzels, baby carrots w/dip, and anything from our garden in the

      My kids are 8 and 10, and I encourage them to fix their own
      snacks (within reason) because they need to learn to be able to care for themselves.
      I grew up in a single parent household and there is nothing wrong with being
      self sufficient and helping your parent/s.


      14.0pt;font-family:Tahoma;color:navy;”>As for buying them things they

      My husband and I make our kids save their money for big ticket
      items. For example: My son wanted a Gameboy advance at age 5. I refused
      to pay that kind of money for something like that. So I made a deal with him,
      if he could save half I would pay for half, granted he did his chores with

      Within six months he had saved his money. Enough for a Gameboy,
      a game, and a case. That was a little over 3 years ago.

      He just sold it to his
      sister for 30 dollars because he bought a used Nintendo DS with his own

      So encourage them to work for and save for the items they want.


      , KY
      13.5pt;font-family:”Comic Sans ms”;color:navy;”>god is good!!
      13.5pt;font-family:”Comic Sans MS”;color:navy;”>

      on a budget

      by: “sbjmom2002”

      0pt;font-weight:bold;”>Mon Jun18,2007
      7.5pt;font-family:Verdana;letter-spacing:0pt;font-weight:bold;”> 7:00am (PST)
      Georgia;letter-spacing:0pt;”>I am a single mom of 3.

      I can feed my family my
      family on $200 a

      month. But it is hard. I started too late.

      All of my kids are picky

      eaters and don’t seem to like the same foods. Another problem I am

      having is that while we have plenty of food for meals there aren’t any

      snacks. Any suggestions?

      Another budget issue. I have always felt guilty that my kids father is

      not in thier life. So I try to make up for it, this has caused me to

      go into debt. Now my kids seem to expect things, I try to tell them

      that things have to change. They smile say “Okay” and in the next

      breath are telling me about the latest gadget they can’t live without.

      Any suggestions on how to really get through?




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