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      I personally love craigslist!! I have had grea luck with it. We sold a truck that was given to us for $600….it was almost a junker but someone could use it and really really wanted it, we got tons of inquiries.

      Craigslist is good because it is free, local, and you reach people you would never reach with a yard sale or ebay. Not time consuming at all, so easy expecially for the response you get one it! I have sold everything I have ever listed.


      — On Wed, 7/9/08, Consuelo’s Tupperware Store wrote:

      From: Consuelo’s Tupperware Store
      Subject: : Liquidate, Craigslist or physical yard sale help
      Date: Wednesday, July 9, 2008, 1:54 pm

      Twocluttered houses are being merged into one household.I am a single parent that works fulltime and cares for one permanently disabled parent who is still mobile. The past few years havetakenatoll on me since my other parent died. An agreement was reached to merge household.

      Next month I mustto return to college (1 course 2 nights a week for 16 weeks)as a continuing student or else I’ll have to retake assessment placement tests in January 09 as a returning student. The college labels a student as a continuing student if 3 years have not passed sincethe last course was taken but it labels students as returning students if3 years have passed.I completed my Aug 2005 to Jan 2006 semester but didn’t return for the following semester because I put family before college sincemy parent’s health had been drastically declining since2004.

      need your help in the followingdecision because there is money sitting inside these houses looking back at us as clutter. I have to get this completed this month, July.

      Which is the better choice?

      Liquidate (I have heard of but never had experience with this method)

      Craigslist (seems time consuming, individual item or yard sale general topic ads only last 45 days)

      Physical yard sale (I saved the yard sale tips I previously received from this group but haven’t a yard sale before)

      Thank you,

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