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      Hi! I just recently that not everyone makes their own liquid hand
      soap. My Mom did it all our lives and I just naturally followed. It’s
      really easy. When the soap in the shower gets small I just throw the
      leftover scrap into a bottle with a cap on it, add a little water and
      let the soap dissolve. I shake it once in a while and add more water
      if it seems to thick. Just keep adding soap scraps to it and water as
      necessary. I bought a cute soap bottle at a dollar store and I have
      free liquid hand soap.

      Also, since the weather man says we are going to get spring time some
      day this year. when you get weeds growing through the cracks in the
      sidewalk or driveway instead of buying expensive weed killers just
      pour hot sauce on them and the weeds will die in 2-3 days.

      I have learned so much about cutting expenses from this group I just
      wanted to add a little.


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