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Holidays & Special Occasions St. Patricks Day Leprechans visiting

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      I learned this way back when my oldest went to a “mother’s day out” program.

      Leprechan’s like to come visit this time of the year. Little trickesters they are. They will come in to a clean area and pile things in the middle of the floor.

      Many a time they will take all of the stuffed animals and leave them in a big pile. The tricky part is, that they will also leave those chocolate gold coins mixed up in that pile. As children clean up the pile they get to enjoy some of the Leprechan gold :).

      I have also done this in the reverse way of the Leprechan’s have came in and cleaned up a room and left a couple chocolate gold coins on the kids beds.

      It is a fun game for kids. Younger ones will run to the windows to try to find the Leprechan’s.

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      Kim this is great! What a fun thing to do for little ones. Do you think you could send me a leprechan to pile dh tools in the middle of the basement…he might get the hint.


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      do you think you could send me a leprechan to pile dh tools in the middle of the basement…he might get the hint.

      lol. hasn’t worked on my hubby yet, but maybe my leprechan’s are not leaving the right kind of gold to motivate him 🙂
      it is a great way to get the kids to clean up their room some, anything for a little piece of chocolate.

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      Okay, you started it. St. patricks day is one of our families favorite holidays!

      We have actually set traps in the backyard for the little rascal only to have caught his little hat! (melt down a styrafoam cup in the oven and paint it green)

      The first time they use the facilities the water turnes green. (put the food coloring in the tank so it turns green when they flush it.

      Leave a trail of gold glitter for them to follow. (treasure being a pile of gold coins)

      Of course every leprecan that fisits our house puts green dots on my kids faces.

      Put green food coloring in the cereal bowl before you put the cereal in. Let the kids poor their own milk and watch it turn green. This works great for milk cups too.

      If you do it the night before it will dry and they might not be the wiser.

      The leprecaun has also tied shoe laces together, and even tied my dining room chairs together with green yarn!

      Make a fist and stamp your hand in green (washable) paint. Stamp footprints on your bathroom or kitchen floor. Use the tip of your finger to make the toes.

      The kids love it!

      Yes the Leprecaun is a sneaky little guy who always finds his way into our house. The kids spend the week before trying to come up with a scheme to catch him. It hasn’t worked yet!

      and of course the day is finished with a mouth watering Corned Beef & Cabbage dinner!

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      I love it! You have given me so many great ideas!
      I can really torment my kids! Had one believing that the leprechan’s woke him up this morning banging on the ceiling (sorry the wind was really blowing hard this morning :)), but hey what ever works right!

      This just gets me more in the mood for April Fools 🙂

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      These are great ideas! About the only thing I remember about kindergarten is that the leprechans came to visit and left footprints all over the walls and ceiling.

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      These are all great! Love it!

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      Janice Terrell

      Makes me wish my kids were little again. These are all such sweet, cute ideas. As far as hubby goes, I think it takes something entirely different to get to them!!!

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      Kim, these are really good ideas. With my guys I certainly hope that the leprechans make all their rooms clean.

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      I was laughing so hard yesterday, the boys were all in the living room so I strolled to their bedrooms tossed a couple of the candy coins, grabbed up a little toy, walked away from their rooms then tossed the toy against the wall to make noise. They went running! Screaming leprechan’s try to catch them.

      Then I sat down at the table, looked out the window and said what was that over by that bush, I thought they were going to trample each other running to the window (the 13 year old doesn’t fall for it but boy the 10 year old sure does). They ran outside to try to find the leprechan! Made my day 🙂

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      wouldn’t it be nice if the kids would always “believe”!

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      Love these ideas! will be doing some of these for the grandchildren. The cereal idea is great.


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Holidays & Special Occasions St. Patricks Day Leprechans visiting