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    Shave your legs with olive oil. Ran out of shaving cream? Well, there’s
    something in your kitchen that can help you out: olive oil.

    because, olive
    oil is thicker than you think, it works well on coating your legs or face
    giving you a nice shave without razor burn. and because it’s so
    moisturizing, you won’t even need to apply lotion afterwards!

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    i have used baby oil before. another tip with it is to have a small stream of water running over the area where you are shaving. makes the oil slicker.

    this is a great tip. thanks

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    What a great idea!!! and we will smell delicious afterwards!! LOL:043:

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    Thanks for the laugh for the day

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    I have used olive oil so many times and I do love it. Also, here’s another recipe that is wonderful

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    Never tried this before, something new to look into, thanks. I use lotion, my legs aren’t as dry as they would be normally. I really like the baby oil idea, I well try that one.

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    Olive oil? What about vegtable oil? Olive oil is rather expensive…

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    I use hair conditioner. Just a small amount works well and leaves my skin smooth.

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    Interesting! I will have to try it! I wish I would have found this last night before I left the house to out.

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    @faxonfive 107298 wrote:

    Olive oil? What about vegtable oil? Olive oil is rather expensive…

    you really are only using about a Tablespoon Total for both legs, a little goes a VERY long way when using it for shaving. I add a couple drops of essential oil, usually lavender, but in the summertime I sometimes use rosemary if I’m going to be working in the yard with shorts on, as this not only alleviates shaving bumps & moisturizes, it also keeps mosquitos from dining on you.

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    I use cheap hair conditioner. Works great.

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    I use conditioner also. I usually use the cheapest I can get . I save the better one for my hair.

    Also a 88 cent bottle of conditioner last alot longer than a can of shaving cream. It doesn’t give me razor burn. I have tried babyoil before but I don’t like the film it leaves in the tub.

    It was having to clean the tub every time I shaved and in the summer that is too often.

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    I haven’t used olive oil, I will have to give a try.

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    Thank you for the great idea….haven’t thought of this but makes total sense…..great post!! Can’t wait to try it!

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    I have used baby lotion for a quick substitute. Works and smells good too.

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    tried this today and very satisfied with the results!

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    What a fantastic tip! Thank you! And it sure beats using chemicals all over your body.

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    I have converted to hair conditioner. I agree with your observations and find two bonuses. It is one less “item” in the shower and removes a can that can drop and chip tiles or porcelain.

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    Cool idea ,never thought of that .lol

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    Olive oil can be expensive, yes…do you live near to a dollar store? That is a great place to find a small bottle and cheaper priced that grocery stores. Remember that you do not need a lot of oil to shave your legs and it will leave your skin moisturized…give it a try!!

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    OO I am going to use the sugar scrub.

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    I use conditioner too! Most people run out of shampoo before conditioner so this is a hreat way to use it up and works well.

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    I use the cheapo hair conditioner as well for my legs, never heard of olive oil. I am definitely going to try it. I wonder, do you suppose it works for a mans face?

    My husband always has terrible razor burn after he shaves.

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    Something to look into. Thanks for this.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Women’s Issues Leg Shaving Tip for the Ladies