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      Because I am planning my weekly meals and just generally being more
      aware of food vs money, I am finding that I don’t want the food I’ve
      cooked to sit in the fridge until it goes bad. (You wouldn’t believe
      how much food I used to throw away at the end of each week because
      it had gone bad!)

      Last week my co-workers and I ordered chinese take-out (paid for
      with our “party fund”) and the next day we had tons of leftover
      rice. I took all of the leftover rice home and put it in my freezer.
      I made WAY too much pasta friday night, so I froze the leftovers. I
      made a crockpot full of chili last week and had a huge bowl of it
      leftover – that is now in the freezer.

      The problem with freezing everything is that I am running out of
      room in my freezer! I have 1/2 a pan of leftover cornbread. I was
      originally going to put it in the freezer, but then I found a recipe
      for cornbread pudding (aka Indian pudding) which is made with
      leftover cornbread.

      Seeing that recipe got me thinking that there
      must be OTHER recipes out there that call for leftovers.

      Do any of you have leftover recipes or any suggestions on what to do
      with leftovers besides putting everything in my freezer?


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