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      Any ideas on what to do with leftover Pineapple Juice? I thought about freezing it in ice cube trays… but am not sure if this can be done successfully.

      Also thought of adding it to the breakfast rice, instead of a portion of the water? Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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      Some things you can use with left over pineapple juice.

      1–Remember to — Store leftover pineapple juice in a covered container and refrigerate. Use within 5 to 7 days.

      2–Blend pineapple juice with fresh fruit, yogurt, and ice to make a fruit smoothie.

      3–Mix ½ cup pineapple juice with ½ cup sparkling water for a sparkling soda.

      4–Mix frozen cubes of pineapple juice with any dark fruit beverage. Makes a wonderful way with party punches too.

      5– Fill popsicle forms with leftover canned fruit juice, or use small cups or ice cube trays to make sweet frozen treats.

      6–Thicken leftover canned fruit juice with a little cornstarch over a medium flame. Allow it to cool completely, and store it in the refrigerator until ready to use. Pour this thick and tasty over your favorite sweets (cake or icecream).

      This very simple syrup — can also be use over pancakes or waffles.

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      Thank you JoAnn, I will try all of these ideas. I don’t usually open a huge can of juice just for myself, but was dying of thirst one day and just had to have something. Way too many carbs in it for me, but I did discover however that if you dilute the juice, the reaction from the concentrated glucose isn’t as severe.

      Appreciate your answer to my question. Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas and Joyous New Years.

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      JoAnn, thanks for the ideas. We usually have leftover juice after we drain the pineapple for our recipes & we always have to throw it away. I loved the syrup idea.

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      I never throw away pineapple juice that I drain. DH drinks a lot of Diet Sprite and I will sometimes add a splash of Pineapple juice to kick up the flavor. I also freeze it in glass jars so I can just add some to the top when I open another can (don’t fill up, it expands)
      I love all of the ideas JoAnn has and have used it along with other ingredients to make party punch.

      In the hot summer I love frozen Pinacoladas (the virgin ones) or any frozen drink to cool me of, By then I usually have a good amount of frozen juice and don’t have to buy any.

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      I always try to use up any left over juice in whatever I cook that night for dinner. My favorite combo is apple juice with saurkraut as a side to pork chops.

      I use pineapple juice in beverages, cakes, desserts, splashed over cut fruit bowls, or add it to a marinade.

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      A nice sweet and sour sauce would be good too with the pork chops. Pouring over fruit sounds really good too.

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      Some great ideas here! THanks! 🙂

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      those ideas are great! last night we have 2 oranges that were going bad so i squeezed them and froze them… and was wondering what i could do with it.

      it’s just a small bit but i cant decide which idea i should do with it! lol

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      Any leftover juices I may have (be it orange,pineapple,pear,etc.) I put into a jar and refriderate it. Then I use it over chicken, pork, and sometimes beef, during cooking. When I use it on my meats, I first tenderize the meat with a meat tenderizer ( the kind with alot of metal spikes) to create holes so the juice can penetrate the meal.
      I also add it to my rice while cooking to give it a bit of a kick.

      A good alternative at times instead of my usual spices.
      Sometimes I also add a few drops to my black and green teas instead of sugar.

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      dh drinks a lot of diet sprite and i will sometimes add a splash of pineapple juice to kick up the flavor

      i like my soft drinks with lemon, i’ll have to try the drinks with other fruit juices. bet they would be good.

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      We save all fruit juices and freeze them into cubes and bag it up. great in sauces, drinks and we use them when making jello, much better than just using water!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes Leftover Pineapple Juice?