Leftover Pasta Omelet

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      this is a ‘per’ person recipe;-) that is, increase the ingredients accordingly for each additional serving.
      Leftover Pasta Omelet
      For every 1 cup of pasta with sauce (kind does not matter — I’ve made this with leftover mac & cheese! LOL!):
      2 eggs
      1 tbs water
      1-2 tbs olive oil
      If the pasta is not already mixed with the sauce, toss together to combine.
      Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Add the pasta and sauce or baked pasta and cook until hot. With a fork or whisk, beat the eggs and water until frothy. Pour over the pasta and shake the pan gently to distribute. Reduce heat to medium-low and cook until the eggs are solid.
      Place a plate over the eggs and turn the omelet out onto the plate. Slide the omelet back into the pan so the other side can cook. When the eggs are done to your taste, put a plate over the omelet and turn the pan over so the omelet transfers to the plate.
      garlic toast on the side, or sliced tomatoes, or whatever you desire and this is a quick, hearty dinner.

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