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      Melissa Burnell

      Left over layering, aka Meal Recycling is an easy way to stretch 1 meal into 2 or 3.

      For example, you’re probably familiar with Baking a Turkey and eating Turkey sandwiches on day 2. This is the same principal, except with more enticing meal choices.

      To create a full meal, simply add 1 of the following to accompany your main dish:

      1. Rice
      2. Mashed or Baked Potato

      Side Salad
      4. Any Veggie
      5. Pasta Dish

      Welcome to LeftOver Layering… getting your family to eat those left-overs by creating delicious dishes they can’t resist. When Posting, please include recipes when you can, it really helps others.

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      Okay, I know that Turkey is probably very familiar to most of you, but some smaller frozen turkeys were on sale at Walmart for .89/lb. I bought one about 13 lbs or so, came to about $11 and change. I didn’t want my family to be sick of turkey before Thanksgiving decorations even went up so here is what I did for a family of four (3adults).
      Dinner #1:
      Turkey with roasted potatoes (lots of garlic and seasoning, big hit)
      Dinner #2:
      Leftovers, there was sooooo much we had leftovers the next night
      Dinner #3:
      Pasta with sauteed turkey and veggies
      (sautee about 1/2 c.

      olive oil with one large onion chopped, then add about 4 heaping tbsp. finely chopped garlic, one red pepper sliced, one bag fresh spinach,cleaned and washed, add another 1/2 c. olive oil and leave until veggies soften a little.

      Then add 2 c. coarsely chopped turkey slowly until mixed in. Finally add 1 lb of cooked pasta, I used mostaciolli (not sure of spelling there) and season with garlic salt, salt, pepper to taste.

      Top with parmesan cheese. My family loved this and it tastes nothing like turkey.
      night #4: left over dark meat about 3c. I chopped finely then sauteed in just 2 tbsp.

      olive oil and added some onions until soft, then season with garlic salt, onion powder, pepper, and a shake of nutmeg or two. I then use this to make shepard’s pie. I can peas go on top, 2 cans corn (some people use other veggies but this is what my family likes) about 3 1/2 c.’s mashed potatoes and some shredded cheese.

      My husband and i also made three lunches with this turkey.
      17 meals from one small turkey…I am thrilled with what a good deal this turned out to be for us. Oh yeah, forgot that my two labs had super scrap turkey meals probably at least 6 of them this week too. The secret for me is cutting up and cleaning the turkey the night after we first eat it so it is ready for other meals.

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      You really did do a good job with one turkey. :great: awsome job..

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      Turkey sure can go a long way and rather versatile! You found a great bargain and really did a good job on the leftovers! Awesome!

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      I’m laughing! I saw the smaller turkey’s and wondered how many meals I could get out on one and did the usual roasted turkey and it was mostly gone after one meal! I was able to make soup off the bones and made the Williamsburg Turkey soup one meal and then Turkey and noodles for another meal.

      Next time I tried it I used my head and cooked the turkey up and divided it into bags for casseroles, ect and got 12 meals off of it. Feeding my family of 7 can be a challenge but I can make things work if I’ll just take time to think about it!

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      There was no thank you button for the post… but Thank you!

      I did a similar thing with my Turkey this last holiday season… but I still didnt get the number of meals out of it, you did. WAY to go!

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      Humm…. where did our “Thank” buttons go?????

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      Did leftover layering this weekend, too. Used yesterday’s chicken to make quesadillas for a quick “football” supper and made bean soup with the rest of the Christmas ham. Putting ingredients in the bread machine in the A.M.

      and fresh bread with soup for Monday supper. Is it only me that Monday is the hardest day to ccok?

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Left Over Layering Leftover Layering- Stretching your Meals