Left over beef stew into beef potpie?

Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes Left over beef stew into beef potpie?

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      Aren’t they pretty much the same? I have leftovers that really need to be used. I thought I might thicken the gravy just a little more( kinda thick already)add a bit more beef stock,make a couple pie crust and see how it goes.

      Has anyone done this or think it’s worth trying?

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      Sure, it is a common use of leftover stews to make pot pies and/or shepherd’s pies. It will work just fine. Hope this helps.

      Thanks; Virginia

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      It does help and thank you.

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      I do this all of the time of take a leftover and convert it. I am amazed at how often my boys wont eat it the first time around but will devour it in the second recipe not knowing it is a leftover.

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      You could also make a beef and gravy with rice kinda dish.
      Just heat everything up and thicken the gravy a bit.
      Make a cup or two of rice then serve the hot beef and gravy over the rice. Can
      serve with toast or over toast.

      Usually when I make the chicken or beef pot pie things, instead of using pie crusts, I mix up some bisquick or equivalent with milk and egg. Then pour onto the top of pot pie filling. Then bake.

      Pretty tasty. 😉

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      I do the same as MrsPaws, and it is very tasty.:)

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      willbe95! You’r so naughty! Trickin those babies like that :0)
      MrsPaws, We actually ate it over rice the first night.

      It has taken on many shapes and forms this week… Thanks for the idea on the bisquix. I read this to late though.

      I will try it next time. I made it into Beef pot pie tonight and it was eaten completely up. I love that.

      No waste.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes Left over beef stew into beef potpie?