layed off soon help me.

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      The boss pretty much said ill be layed off soon today. Well we know the other office guys have been on him to get rid of somebody and we know I am who he will get rid of. Even though another employee was cought going through the employee files a few monthes ago.

      well what can I say, im sunk. He already told us when the company sujested he think of who he would let go that it was me. Now they havent said anything more but our office staff is worried over there jobs and think offing a worker will help.

      I hope somthing happens to stop it but as things are it looks as if im jobless by next month. Anyone have any sujestions. I dont have mush time to pay anything off.

      Actually all state just tricked me into getting into more debt. Now I have $800 on a best buy card that they were suposed to send me $700 when I bought the laptop to replace the one that was stolen in our break in. now they say (after I bought in and sent them the recipt) im suposed to buy a $1200 laptop or I dont get the $700.

      ……what?! My theft insurence has only cost me more money and is useless. Im switching companys and telling them to stuff it.

      I have soooo much on my mind . can anyone help?

      I know about angel food network and I book marked the unemployment web site for fast fileing. I cant seem to fins food banks in south bend IN. They were verry helpfull in my last area while I was only able to find a part time job.

      My bills are basic utilitys, cell phones and internet ( wich we plan to get rid of), two credit cards $25 each monthly, car insurence , house payment, car payment, furnace payment. really not much besides necesitys. not much to cut either.

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      You might check with your local welfare office and some of the local churches. Churches are usually (but not always) the ones that sponsor the food banks. Good luck to you.

      Also check the classified ads in the newspaper. Sometimes they advertise.

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      I found my food banks by word of mouth and yes most of them are run by the local churches, but I have to travel to another city for them. I’m not eligible for Food Stamps so the food bank has been a godsend, though I’ve had to put my canning skills to work since much of the food received is very ripe.

      if there is an angel food near you, the chances are there are food banks also. you need to ask around. you may have to drive to another city for it though like i do.

      i also learned canning and dehydrating foods which enables me to store and have foods available that i normally would not have, especially from the food bank since their produce is almost always very ripe.

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      I know times are tough all over! We’ve never had a problem until 2 month’s ago. We thought we’d see the light again later in September or October but more stuff died today and we’re looking at no Christmas this year except what someone can make with what is already on hand.

      I haven’t worked outside of home for many years but a Baker position at the University has been open for 2 month’s and thinking I out to go take it and work until May to get our heads back above water and our savings rebuilt.

      Hope you can find another job quickly! My son who had been looking for over 2 years started a full time job this morning. Hopefully it won’t take you very long to find something!

      We put in a pellet stove last winter and turned off our furnace except when we were gone and it worked great. Glad we got a years supply of food tucked away. The way our National economy is going I’m worried it’s all going to melt down and go belly up down the road.

      I know I sure want more than a 3 month worth of savings built up. It would of been great if we’d lost jobs and needed to pay bills but when you have major appliances & cars go out and also get laid off it sure wiped out our savings and now we are really struggling and no where to turn too when my one monthly check is gone.

      My husband doesn’t want me working but he’s shipping out in 2 weeks and I know we won’t get back in good financial standing if I don’t get a decent paying job and work a while. I know if I survive until May he’ll be glad I did it. Kids will have to take over all the farm chores and hopefully we’ll make it.

      One way or the other we’ll all make it! Good luck to you!

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      I dont think ill be able to get welfare. Not too sure yet though. we have only speculated what our finances will be.

      Wont really know till we get there. We hope to be able to keep internet and netflix as its our only form of intertainment. We have said we will give up cell phones and the land line first. I have been stockpileing but not much.

      I statred with the dollar tree. should have loundery suplies for a year and toothpast. thats about as far as I am. ill do what I can.

      Thanks for the encuragemant.

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      I know I’m new here and I hope I don’t sound too pushy, but here’s a few suggestions:
      File for unemployment, food stamps and cash assistance the day you get laid off. Don’t wait a moment to turn in the applications, even if you have to stop at the food stamp office on your way home. You might even want to stop by the food stamp office in the next few days and pick up an application, so you can have it ready just in case.

      Call everyone you pay money to, tell them what’s going on, and try to negotiate lower payments on a temporary basis. Do you have full coverage on your auto insurance, and if so, can you switch it to liability till you’re back at work? Or maybe they’ll cut you a break because you’ll be driving less miles.

      Some cell phone companies charge an early termination fee, so be careful of that. You might want to look into getting prepaid cell phones, like from Cricket or Virgin Mobile, if they’re in your area.

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      if you have a good internet connection, there are places that will hire you to work at home in various fields: clark howard: work at home help on . some of the businesses listed at clark howard’s site seem to charge for background checks. with the exception of anything posted at clark howard’s site, i would never ever pay anyone to hire me, so i would avoid any company that asked for money upfront.

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      If you have been working for the company for a while, you are entitled to unemployment benefits. If you have the time, speak to the unemployment office–in person about what you would get also ask them what other services they might provide–can’t hurt. Sometimes they can suggest things you haven’t considered–use them like a networking tool!!

      My friend found her job from them. Even if you get not much–use that to pay off the largest bill and then use your husbands checks for the other stuff. During my high school years we lived off my mother’s paycheck which was nothing and got through.

      Our local church helped out, especially at X-mas with us children.
      Best of luck and just save as much as you can until you think you’re leaving. Also have faith and it will get you through–maybe this could lead to something much better–make this into a positive not a negative!!!


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      I am sorry to hear about you losing your job. I got layed off a few weeks ago. I know how you feel.

      Just try and keep your spirits up and everything will work out. I am searching the internet like crazy looking for a job. You might try that lists all the jobs the us government has.

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      I am hopeing that this will end in a job I like more and not one with some sort of secret politics like this one. I am thinking lowes. its close to home and I think I then get a discount wich would be nice for my home repairs.

      They also train there workers so they can answer questions on how to do things! This means I get to learn how to fix the house too. It seems like a good idea.

      I asked today if they were hireing and the cashier sujested I check there site. If not there chick-a-filla, seems like an optian. they are my first two stops at least. not much pay but with the minimum wage raise I only make a doller over anyway.Karen o’coner, seeing the unemployment office seems like a good idea.

      ill will do that. Dana, I am paying on the car so I cant cut my insurence benifits. Our phone plan is up in october and we have been planning to reduce our bill by cutting my line down to a pay per use, cutting out our land line and cutting dh’s line down to the smallest package available.

      With the new news we have decided to go ahead with this and just try our best to put back the disconnect fee just in case we need it. we want the cells so I can always get ahold of my hubby if needed. I dont drive so this is all harder.

      We plan to ask friends to call his line so mine is only used mostly for emergency and to call my hubby (wich they say is still counted as in network and free after the $1 fee for every day I use it. Its also .10 every minut out of network.).
      It dosent help I have sooooo much medical things going on. Dentiest told me today I basically have a mouth full of cavitys.

      He cant do anything about it though till I have my TMJ fixed. that means braces wich I cant afford and neither of our insurences will help with. So he refuses to touch them in fear of causeing more damage to my jaw.

      so now what? They just get to rot in my mouth? every time I get close to answering one puzzel lately I get another.

      I feel like the wourld is falling apart. plus I think ill owe my flex spending the other $500 they havent collected from my checks yet. I need to call them and see what happens with that.

      Its insane here. I cant give up but im not sure what to do. thanks for the help and Dana your not being pushy.

      anything helps right now.

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      @redring 124582 wrote:

      It dosent help I have sooooo much medical things going on. Dentiest told me today I basically have a mouth full of cavitys. He cant do anything about it though till I have my TMJ fixed.

      that means braces wich I cant afford and neither of our insurences will help with. So he refuses to touch them in fear of causeing more damage to my jaw. so now what?

      They just get to rot in my mouth? every time I get close to answering one puzzel lately I get another. I feel like the wourld is falling apart.

      plus I think ill owe my flex spending the other $500 they havent collected from my checks yet. I need to call them and see what happens with that. Its insane here.

      I cant give up but im not sure what to do. thanks for the help and Dana your not being pushy. anything helps right now.

      Wish we could help more. Soo many are hurting. If you don’t mind me saying so, I’d get a second opinion from a diff dentist!

      Putting braces on bad teeth is rediculous. Your jaw prob has nothing to do with fillings. In fact my dentist insisted all fillings be done before because it changes the profile of the teeth.

      That changes how things fit in your mouth. Try to get those fillings done, at least-an abcess can make you “really” ill.

      keep us posted on how things go. We’re a shoulder to cry on, if nothing else!

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      RedRing – unfortunately it’s uphill most everywhere! Just remember one thing – anything can be overcome one step at a time!!

      you’re overwhelmed right now and that’s normal – but slow down a bit and take one thing to solve at a time…it does help! at the moment we are living on one income which is less than 1000 a month – it’s close, but we make it…I had to learn to stop fretting over the big picture and take one thing at a time – and finally it is all working out each month. a little over a year ago i wouldn’t have believed it – no job, no income, not knowing how to pay anything!

      i know exactly how you feel. it does get better – just keep the faith and work with what you will have left….one income, it’s difficult when you have had two – but it will work. we got rid of cell phones for the first year – then eventually got one line back on contract and have one pay per use for emergencies only – say if i’m at home and he’s on the road or vice versa..and we need to connect.

      i always shopped sales and used coupons at grocery and most anywhere but even more so now. not to mention rebates – when i get those, i use them again on grocery items.

      we live in a rural area and make each trip to walmart or a grocery count and try to do more than one thing a trip, like a doctor appointment early morning and hit the grocery on the way home, etc…..saves gas like crazy – thank goodness!

      i cook at home all the time – and that helps as well …. we rarely go out anymore – and if we do we plan for it in advance. so, the more you can make at home the better!

      i agree that you should see a different dentist while you can get that covered and get those fillings…and if at all possible keep your internet connection – or at least lower the monthly bill if possible – more applications are being taken via the net than any other way.

      it will get better – just one step at a time….

      good luck!

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      Be prepared when you go to the food stamp office, I’m not sure how it works in in but in il, car payments and the like do not count. i make car payments but they consider that not a necessary expense. they consider that you should lose the car and use that money for food instead.

      they don’t believe that you should have a car and they don’t count home improvement loans as an expense either. my mother has a loan on her house, but they consider it home improvement, not a mortgage and say she should be able to use that $130 a month for food.

      You will be shocked at what they want you to give up before they will help you. Just cross your fingers and pray for the best.

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      Praying has worked. Thank you all for the help and mostly the suport. Our boss told us last week that our head office told him ( for the second time scence I have been employed here) He can not let me go.

      yay!!! i was soooo realieved. the dr says i definantly have celiacs disease.

      so i have been cooking at home much more. there are verry few places i can eat out and most of those are iffy at best because of posable cross contamination. why this is good news?

      the damage this was doing to my body is the cause of problems like my rotting teeth and swelling of throat and lungs. 🙂 i can breath!!!! the diet is hard and costly and i am sick of trying to cook every night so i can eat at work the next day.

      but it is worth it. it also had the added bonus of dh cant eat out all the time. i have been working on this forever and just couldent get him to stop.

      🙂 now he feels bad when he dose. he he he. i will miss cookies and danishes but i can make some simular items at home.

      i have been thinking the same as you. maybe i should see a difrent dentiest? i dont know how many times i can have x-rays don though.

      its been twice already. i just need to find who can help me. i was thinking for the braces.

      if i stay employed i can call our flex spending and see if they will pay to care credit. then i can use my flex to pay the bill. my thousand a year wont cover the cost in a year but useing it to pay care credit $100 a month will get it all taken care of.

      Im trying to be creative. so things are a bit better here. I am still stocking just in case.

      This has difanantly showed me i need to get this don. Thank you for the sholders to cry on!

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      So happy to hear you will be able to keep your job! But so sorry to hear yu are dealing with Celiacs! My dear friend has it too and can only eat corn and rice as grains.

      It sure has been an adventure for many of us trying to help her survive! You might try making several things up when you have a 2 day weekend and freezing them into single serve containers to use for your lunches. My nephew does this once a month for himself and his wife as they both work 70 to 80 hours a week and this helps them eat a decent meal once a day.

      Hope you get the Celiacs figured out and can keep stockpiling for the future emergencies you might have to face. My friend has been able to use the Bob’s Red Mill mixes for her bread products. That’s what I’m able to get for her at the commissary when I go there.

      There’s a really great place online to order from: Gluten-Free Trading Company Home Page. And lots of recipes if you do a web search for gluten free mixes. I can’t eat simple sugars and starches.

      Celiacs would kill me if I ever got it! Hope you figure things out and I hope yours is not as restrictive as my friends is!

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      contact your state unemployment office and make them aware so they can open a claim – if you can get state payments for a time that will help also

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