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      **==> H o u s e h o l d ~ T i p s <==**


      Laundry Tips:

      * After washing, drying and folding sets of sheets, store them
      inside of the matching pillow case.

      * Need storage space for out of season clothing? Use your
      suitcases and add a fabric softener sheet for freshness.

      * Hang a clear vinyl shoe organizer in your laundry room. Place
      any single socks in the pockets by color or by person they belong
      to. This helps you match them easily when the mate shows up.

      * Have several laundry baskets handy, use a white one for sorting
      whites, a light one for the lights, and a dark one for darks.
      This will help even your younger children sort laundry.

      * Hang a hook for holding clothes hangers. Clothes hung up right
      out of the dryer may not need ironing.

      * Place a shelving unit in your laundry room next to the dryer.
      The plastic ones with 4 or 5 shelves work great. Now, designate a
      shelf or space for each member of the family. As you remove
      clothes from the dryer, place them into baskets on the shelves
      for the children to fold and put away.

      * Assign and limit 1-2 towels to each family member per week.

      * If you can’t hear the buzzers on the machines or tend to lose
      track of time, set a timer for the length of the cycle and keep
      near you.

      * Clothes that need ironing should be washed first so you can
      iron while the other loads are being done.

      * Wash delicate, underclothes, and hand washables while taking a

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