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      Hairspray works great on ink stains

      herberkids3 wrote: Sidewalk chalk should just wash out. I’ve never had stains from it.

      For the ink… well, soak the shirt first, to try and get as much of
      it out as possible. I usually take the shirt and leave running water
      to run directly on whatever stain I want out, and to keep it from
      running onto other clothing.

      Then, maybe put oxyclean directly onto the stain, and use a small
      stiff brush of some sort to scrub it into the stain. If there’s any
      left, apply Zout (not Shout) directly onto the stain, and let
      it sit over night, then wash it in the machine.

      If it’s just like a streak from an ink pen, it’ll come out without a
      lot of the hassle listed above. If it’s an ink spill, that’s going
      to be harder to get out.

      — In, Christeen Tidwell
      > Any help on these problems
      > 1. My dd got purple sidewalk chalk on her blue swim suit how
      to get stain out
      > 2. Ink on white skirt
      > 3.

      Purple ink on kaki skirt.
      > Christeen

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