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      I don’t know about the chalk, but I have had good luck with aeresol hairspray getting out ink. The fresher the stain the easier it is to get out. If it has set in a while it might take a few tries.

      Just saturate the stain with hairspray, as if it were your regular stain remover spray and wash. Ink on carpet & upholstery can come out by saturating with hairspray & blotting…repeat till stain is gone then wipe over area with warm water washcloth to remove hairspray residue. Aeresol works better than pump hairspray….no clue why LOL.

      🙂 Hanna

      Christeen Tidwell wrote: Any help on these problems

      1. My dd got purple sidewalk chalk on her blue swim suit how to get stain out

      2. Ink on white skirt
      3. Purple ink on kaki skirt.

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