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      Hey all, I came across the Laundry Sauce recipe on a friend’s Facebook post and had to check it out. I’m sick of spending $6 to $10 on detergent that lasts maybe 40 loads (1-2 months for us). So I figured I’d give this a shot.

      I mixed up one jar of the detergent and used it in 3 loads of laundry last night. Seems to be working great, though I want to try it with the Purex crystals just to provide at least a small bit of fragrance. Anyway, I’ve read that people will tie a tablespoon to their jar with a string, but what do you do with the spoon itself after putting the sauce in?

      Wipe it or rinse it off in some way?

      I think part of my issue may be the consistency of the sauce I came up with, and maybe the type of washer I have.

      I used the no-cook recipe. I cut up the Fels Naphtha into very small pieces (minced almost), and divided them equally into two 32 oz. Mason jars.

      Then I boiled water in a pot and added 3/4 cup to each jar. Let it sit overnight.

      The next day I sliced the gelled soap into a few pieces, and then dumped in 1/2 cup of the borax and washing soda. Was I supposed to mix those together first? Recipe doesn’t say.

      Then I dumped in some hot water to bring it up to the shoulder of the jar. This time I did not boil the water, but rather heated 8 oz. of water in the microwave for 90 seconds.

      It was boiling but was fairly hot (steaming). Should it have actually been boiling?

      After I dumped in the hot water, I attached the blender blade parts and whipped it up. Seemed like my blender was having a bit of a hard time, but it got it done. However I never could get it to a mayonnaise consistency.

      Mine is more like that of whipped room temperature butter – a little more stiff and sticky. It’s also still a bit gritty. It feels like when you whip butter and sugar together when making cookies, actually.

      So I guess because of that consistency I have a hard time actually dispensing the product. I have a front load washer, so there’s no water falling into the tub that I can just stick the spoon under. And if I spoon out a dollop and just drop it into the tub, then there’s plenty of residue left all over the spoon.

      I suppose I could just keep it on a string and rinse it off in the sink or something.

      I guess I’m really looking for comment on the consistency of what I made. I still have one other jar of the gelled soap waiting to have the other stuff added. I thought I would add the Purex crystals into that one.

      I also bought another bar of the Fels to try to make another 2 jars, and thought I would try the cook recipe this time, and also use that article for turning the Fels soap into a fine powder before putting it in the boiling water.

      The trick is going to be getting my wife to use this. I do most of the laundry, but occasionally she will run a load or two, and my wife is all about ease and convenience. If this stuff is much more difficult than the liquid store-bought detergent (pour into cap, dump it in) then she’s going to want to keep using the store-bought stuff.

      It would be awesome if there were a way to turn this recipe into some kind of pellet or tablet form, or even a dry version like dry powder detergent.

      Anyway, this looks like a cool site and I look forward to trying out some other stuff. I’m a little bit cheap at heart (wife would say alot LOL :pillowfight: ) but yeah, saving money wherever possible is good for me!

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      I would just wipe the spoon off with some of the dirty laundry.

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      well duhhh that would just make too much sense! Thanks for the tip! :morechores3:

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      I made the cooked version after seeing it from a friend on fb, and so far i am so pleased! just this morning i needed to wash a pair of compression gloves that had to be handwashed. i usually coat arthritic fingers with a natural salve and wear one glove overnight, so there was some greasy stuff on the gloves.

      i grabbed about 1/4 Tbsp of my detergent and washed the gloves in my sink. I was really surprised when I finished at what the detergent did for not only the gloves, but also my bathroom sink! The fixtures are now glowing, and my sink appears cleaner that when using Comet!

      Anybody else used this formula for something other than laundry?

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      So I made up my 2nd jar of sauce on Saturday and it came out MUCH better than the first. I also used the Purex lavender crystals (1/6 cup since the recipe called for 1/3 cup for 2 jars’ worth). But again, I’m using the no-cook recipe and procedure, just added in the crystals with the dry ingredients.

      What I did different this time:
      – Sliced the gelled Fels in the bottom of the jar into many more/smaller pieces using a butter knife.
      – Mixed all dry ingredients in a separate bowl and then added to jar of gelled Fels soap.
      – Used actual BOILING water this time instead of just microwave heated water, to get up to the shoulder of the jar. Didn’t take much at all, mabe 4 ounces?
      – Shook the whole jar a few times with blender parts secured, before placing the jar on the blender.

      Shaking the jar first really seemed to help mix the ingredients better, which made for better blending. Consistency came out much more like mayonnaise instead of butter like the first jar.

      I found that long cookie dough spoon with the rubber middle shown in the pic of the recipe with the Purex crystals, at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $4. Sometimes I throw the spoon in with the laundry, or sometimes I just wipe the back of the spoon on the laundry and leave it on the shelf until the next load.

      Clothes are coming out smelling awesome, just a very light hint of fragrance. And with a ball of aluminum foil in the dryer, no static!

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      I have been using this laundry soap for a month now and am so pleased. My clothes are clean and it removes grease stains and smells so much better than store bought. I shared with my mom and my daughters and they love it too.

      I am fixin to make some more this week trying with the purex crystals. I will never again buy store laundry detergent. This also is a great spot and stain remover.

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      I tried just wiping out the spoon and it left a residue on it. I just got a cheap set of plastic measuring spoons from the dollar store and just keep it in the jar. First time I ran the water over it and not all of it came out.

      Next I just tapped the spoon on the washer to dislodge the sauce but still had to wipe out the spoon. So now since my washer went to washer heaven and I have to got to the Laundry Mat, I tap it out of the spoon and just throw the spoon in the washer with the clothes. It won’t hurt anything.

      If you have a tough stain just rub in a little of the sauce before you throw in the washer. works great.

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