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    Thank you for sharing the recipe for the laundry sauce which i made yesterday. I had to whip it up in my blentec and ended up filling two and half quart mason jars. It looks and smells fantastic.

    I just just did my first load of laundry using this detergent and I used an actual tablespoon measure but I did not see any bubbles in the washer like i normal can see. I have an HE front loader. Did i do something wrong or is this expected?

    I am waiting for the load to finish to see the results. Thanks again!

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    It’s not really supposed to suds. Commercial laundry soaps usually have added chemicals to make it all bubbly. I just made some today and it worked wonderfully.

    But before I used the sauce, I made the powdered version and it never bubbled up either. Which is how it is supposed to be. So you did it right!!


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