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      I tried the laundry sauce today since I’m almost out of detergent. So.. here’s my question.

      The entire time I was cooking the fels naptha, I had a cooked foam film on the sides of my pan. I stopped trying to incorporate that back in because it didn’t dissolve at ALL. After I added the borax, etc I stirred for a LOONG time to dissolve, but I still had to wing it because my saucepans all have ringed bottoms. I tipped it around and did the best I could with it, but… anyway, I split everything up into mason jars and didn’t get quite to halfway with the sauce. Topped off per directions with water, flipped, and immediately had separation.

      Then, I looked at the pan. I had a film that would NOT come off the bottom when I was pouring, so I scraped it all up and it’s this thick, gritty, pasty substance that makes me thing NOTHING dissolved like it was supposed to. It almost looks like cookie dough. Is this something I can re-add when I whip it? Has anyone else had this problem?

      And these are the jars, less than a minute after flipping…

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