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      Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried the hairspray and as it did get out a lot of the ink, there was still a big black blob on the shirt. I did this for about a day, off and on blotting and scrubbing.

      I then tried the dishwasher liquid (i used electrosol) and OMG! I left it overnight, about 8 hrs and the ink is completely gone where I put the liquid (except on the underside). It did lighten the color just a bit, but not enough to really stand out.

      Maybe if I didn’t leave it so long? Anyway, wanted to pass that along that it does work and no scrubbing!


      — On Mon, 7/21/08, Creative Beauty by Pat wrote:

      Creative Beauty by Pat
      Subject: Re: : Laundry – remove ink stains?
      Date: Monday, July 21, 2008, 7:43 PM

      I don’t know about ink, however I know that Kool-aid will come out of clothing by soaking it in automatic dishwashing detergent. It’s amazing, I wouldn’t believe it unless I’d seen it. Kids are always spilling their kool-aid or spattering it.

      — patricia george owner/operator
      https://www.wagglepo creative- beauty

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