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      I have two containers on the shelf in my laundry room (I like that… new home).
      They hold 2 gallons. And are called beverage containers, with a spout/spiggot.
      K-mart and Wally World both sell them, about $5-7 each.

      One has my laundry soap, the other fabric softner. For my laundry detergent, I
      almost always use Tide. But..

      I still like to make my own concoctions… adding
      liquid colorsafe bleach and stuff.

      Also, if you buy the concentrated fabric softner, and have others that do
      laundry.. you can dilute it.

      We also have the Tide balls and Downy balls. And they are preloaded (approx a
      dozen total) This saves on waste.. or too much soap in the load.

      Well, that’s my tip. Back to printing wedding invites.

      From: “Krista”
      Date: Sat Jul 27, 2002 6:00 am
      Subject: Laundry–My budget tip.. and handy helper… :o)

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      i have been reading for years how people make their own laundry detergent, i finally got up enough nerve to make it. so i tried the super economical laundry soap and then i let it sit for a few days before i got up the nerve to actually use it. i washed the wash clothes, and towels.

      OMG! the white clothes actually became white. they were ‘clean’ when i washed them in my new soap and the water actually was dirty.

      they came out flufflier just like when they were new. and the towels dry me off better after my shower.

      my son had a stinky accident and i washed his clothes in the new soap. normally i would have to wash the clothes twice before the smell came out.

      the new soap took one washing. my daughters socks ended up in the wash with the stinky load and her socks became whiter and the pink on them became brighter. she thought i bleached them.

      i think i have a new laundry detergent.

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