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      I just made my own for the first time–the liquid
      type. I just used the Suave soap that I already had
      and it seems to be working fine.

      I also cut costs on fabric softener by diluting it (a
      few ounces in an old spray bottle filled with water).
      I just spray it into the dryer and it works okay. I
      also buy dryer sheets when I can get them super cheap
      and I cut or rip them in half. They work just as well.

      As far as stain remover, I use the Tightwad Gazette
      method of mixing cascade and color safe bleach and
      soaking the clothes overnight in the bathtub. This
      works well on food stains like yellowing of baby
      clothes that have been spit up on. even old stains
      have a good probability of coming out.

      But I will be
      trying the dawn/ammonia idea in a spray bottle because
      I have used dawn to spot clean fresh stains and it
      works really well too.

      Thanks for all the recipes. I think I may try the
      powder detergent recipe next time, because making the
      liquid on the stove was a bit time consuming. The
      powder sounds more convenient.




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