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      I notice that MYO laundry detergent is being discussed again. I
      started making and using this about 6 months ago and was very happy
      with it,but reserved judgement because I wondered if it would work
      well long term. I have been pleased with it right along, but now
      after six months find that white items are becoming yellowed or not
      really getting clean any more.

      I know that stuff gets old, but this
      is different, some items were new and shouldn’t discolor in six
      months. If I were to do it again, I would make a batch of detergent
      and use it, but switch to Arm and Hammer, my previous brand, for a
      few weeks before I make another batch. Alternating might keep things

      Either that or do whites and lights in Arm and Hammer and
      others in MYO detergent.

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