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      I wanted to reply to a former post from I believe it was Terri, but none of the
      messages are available at Yahoo groups so I will try to
      respond with what I remember of the posts. She asked if the homemade laundry
      detergent would work on really dirty stuff. My
      husband works in manufacturing, but in a very clean environment so I do not have
      any first hand experience with really dirty things.

      can tell you that I do keep a commercial detergent on hand just in case.
      Somebody mentioned using coupons and using some of the
      more inexpensive ones instead like Xtra, Arm and Hammer, etc. which are great
      ideas. This frugal tip may not work for everyone and
      as each of us have different lifestyles and time restraints, etc., so making
      laundry detergent may just not be worth the hassle or may
      not work with your water or needs.

      But if you feel inclined, try it. I also
      like it because I have front load machines(which I saved and
      saved for and finally got..yippee) and they tend to make a lot more suds than a
      top load. Front load machine manufacturers want you
      to buy this expensive high efficiency detergent so that you don’t have suds
      coming out of the front of your machine.

      The homemade
      detergent does not “suds up”, which you may or may not like, some people want
      to see those soap bubbles to be sure that they are
      getting things clean. It was great to hear other’s opinions on the homemade
      stuff, as I said in my first post, the jury is still out as to
      whether to use it or not.

      As to the recent post from someone who has other frugal tips but were “bashed”
      on another group…I hope this would not be the case
      here. We all can benefit from hearing each other’s opinions even though we may
      feel that they would or would not work for us. I would
      love to hear more of them than just an ongoing recipe exchange (even though I
      love the recipes and the craft ideas too!

      thanks to all
      who go to the trouble of posting them).

      Happy Day!
      Sharon from Lancaster Co., PA

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