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      > Does anyone think that hand-washing the small stuff, so you have less

      > for the washer, is worth the effort to save a few quarters?


      I hand wash my bra’s, sweaters, and fiddly tops and my husbands

      sweaters. I don’t find it takes very much time at all. I just throw

      them in the bathroom sink with Woolite, give them a few presses and a

      rinse and then they go outside on the patio clothes drying rack. I

      figure if I buy less clothing that are of a higher quality, then

      looking after them properly is a priority. Besides, why fill a whole

      washing machine for just a few items that are easily hand washed? I

      also use a line dryer 9 times out of 10 for all my laundry. The only

      thing I use a dryer for consistently (except during winter of

      course….) are towels. I like them fluffy.


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