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      The only way for you to find out is to try it a couple times. I guess

      depending on what items are being washed it would be fine but then

      again you’re using water might not be so efficient as the washing

      machine. If you want to get technical I guess you could find out what

      your electric meeter is before you do a load of wash and then after

      it. Then ask your electric company what those kilowats would have cost

      you for one load of laundry.

      In the OLD days when I was a teenager I used to wash my clothes all

      the time because our washer was usually broke. They still sell scrub

      boards and brushes. The hardest part is wringing out the clothes.


      In, “donnawebb89” wrote:


      > Does anyone think that hand-washing the small stuff, so you have less

      > for the washer, is worth the effort to save a few quarters?

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