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      Your friend might try Catherine’s or other shops for large women.

      They will fit you there, and may special order. Goddess is a

      wonderful brand of bras in larger sizes. She should be able to find

      something in the $35.oo – $40.oo range.

      Has your friend considered breast reduction surgery? If your

      friend’s breasts are large, she will have pain in back/neck/shoulders

      and deep ruts in her shoulders from the straps. Because of this the

      surgery is considered “functional”, not cosmetic, and is covered

      under many insurance plans. The surgery is easier than it was 10

      years or so ago, so recovery time is faster.

      — In, M F wrote:


      > I have a friend who is paying $175. for 2 bras. She is 36F, that

      is correct 36-F and she can’t find a bras that fits her without

      costing her an arm and a leg. For larger women you start with 38 but

      with 36 and under larger cup sizes are hard to find. It doesn’t fit

      well in the rib cage. Does anyone know where one can find a bra size

      36 with a large cups bras.


      > thank you,

      > Melissa







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