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      Ok, I wasn’t sure if they still did,
      but I went to their website and Fredrick’s of Hollywood
      does, and in nice designs. If you look under bras, in the full figure
      section, they go from 32D to 42F. And they’re $30 a piece!

      bad for specialty sizes. Maybe that will help!

      Dianne in Anaheim

      And no I won’t tell you why I know
      so much about them! Wink wink!! 10.0pt;font-family:Wingdings;color:navy;”>J

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      bras help

      14.0pt;”>I have a friend who is paying $175. for 2 bras. She is 36F, that
      is correct 36-F and she can’t find a bras that fits her without costing her an
      arm and a leg.

      For larger women you start with 38 but with 36 and under
      larger cup sizes are hard to find. It doesn’t fit well in the rib
      cage. Does anyone know where one can find a bra size 36 with a large cups

      thank you,


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