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      Omgosh, it is so wonderful to hear about someone else having these

      problems!! I wear a 32H and it’s awful! i am soooo jealous of the

      gals that can go to a department store and get a really cute bra for

      under $20. On ebay you can expect to pay arround $50 …. the

      downside being that you cant try on the different styles to see how

      they support and returns to an ebay seller are usually a hassle.

      There’s also a store at the mall… I think it was Belks… that

      sells some of the odder sizes… their downside is that the bras are

      not made well enough to withstand. They can be bought for around $30+

      dollars, but they don’t last very long…esspecially the

      underwires … they poke through in no time.

      As another poster said, folding in the sides and sewing them is an

      alternative. Not perfect, but you can get the larger around ones way

      cheaper. Just make sure you do a really good job with the sewing so

      there’s no embarrasing accident while out and about!

      And in response to the alternating cup and band sizes, that doesn’t

      work when your dealing with a size that needs really heavy duty

      support. the band size is really important because you need that to

      give most of the support, otherwise you end up with really deep welts

      and a loss of feeling in your shoulders (know from a lot of

      experience with that).

      bigger is not always better.

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