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      Wow! And I thought mine were expensive. I am a 38H, and I have ordered from for quite awhile now.

      Be forewarned though, they are not “traditional” bras, more of a really supportive sports bra. They will make them in any size and if you find they need a bit of tweaking, you can send them back and they will adjust them for you. They run from about $40-$60 each, which is pricey, but far cheaper than what your friend is paying now.

      Even though I can occasionally find my size at Lane Bryant or whatever, they are still like $38 or something for a “traditional” bra.

      I have a friend who is paying $175. for 2 bras. She is 36F, that is correct 36-F and she can’t find a bras that fits her without costing her an arm and a leg.

      For larger women you start with 38 but with 36 and under larger cup sizes are hard to find. It doesn’t fit well in the rib cage. Does anyone
      know where one can find a bra size 36 with a large cups bras.

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