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      two years ago my azaleas got lace bugs and I haven’t been able to get rid of them yet. Have been spraying with Orthenex during growing season and myo dormant oil during dormant season.
      thank you brchbell for the myo dormant oil recipe – saved me lots of money this winter.
      time to treat with orthonex again or with bayer systematic that can be put on the roots instead of sprayed on (both of these were recommende by my states extension service)
      problem is that i have about 100 azaleas and some of the hedges are really hard to get into and spray and the stuff is soooo expensive.

      Does anyone have any suggestions for me or a cheaper alternative in treating for lace bugs on azaleas and tea scales on camellias, have about 25 of them and been spraying with dormant oil and need to treat with something else soon.

      Had heard somewhere that a few tablespoons of Pine Sol in a 2 gal sprayer would work for bugs but can’t remember what kind. —-has anyone heard of that or used that??

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