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Stuff I’d Like to See General KUDOS !!!!

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      I love this site.. I have gone through almost everything in the last 24 hours.. I am so addicted and have the bug to just start saving lots o money !!!
      Thank you ALL for all the information..

      I think you all are my new best friend and my husband and our budget is sooooo gonna love everything I learn and put into action

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      That’s great! thank you for letting us know and if you’re ever looking for anything in particular, feel free to ask in the forums. We check them daily & try to answer every question that’s submitted. (My personal goal for 2012!) 🙂

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      I’ve been looking for a site like this for quite a long time! Over the last few years my wife and I have been slowly turning more and more to MYO products. We look at the prices in the store and then say to one another..

      “Huh!? Are you kidding!? We could make that ourselves.

      Probably better and cheaper too!” One item I would like to share here. Our youngest son is a katsup fiend.

      For the last year I’ve been making our own and putting it in a Heinz bottle. When I’ve put it in any other container he says he doesn’t like it. LoL!

      When it’s in the Heinz bottle he eats it right up.

      Thank you so very much for being here!

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Stuff I’d Like to See General KUDOS !!!!