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      We got our stinkin Lil monster a few monthes ago. We figure he is about 3 monthes. He was a rescue. He couldn’t even poo on his own. We had to wash his hind end with a warm cloth to get him to go. Bottle fed him… Whole kit and kaboodle. Now, he’s about 3 monthes. From what I read on the net he prolly wasn’t much more than three weeks. If that, when we got him.
      Unfortunately, we were never cat people before Morry, and I guess we were suppose to teach him to cover his poo? We scratched around in there with him for a while at first hoping he would catch on. We really didn’t stick with it though.shame smilie Kinda hit and miss if you know what I mean. He doesn’t even attempt to cover. We use a covered litter box and I try to scoop daily. I use Fresh Step multiple cats liter. The stink is just disgusting! AHHH, but we are in love with this little fellow. Any suggestions on getting him to cover? What’s THE BEST kitty litter?

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      To get a cat to cover her own poo, you must use a “sandy” texture cat litter. The arm & hammer litter is fairly inexpensive and has the right texture.
      Do not cover it up for her or she’ll expect you to do it for her every time.

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      O.K! I’ll buy it today. Thanks for the reply.

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      We actually have a bit of the same issue with our male cat. My female cat “scolds” him when he doesn’t cover it. He still doesn’t like to cover it…

      As for cat litter, the BEST stuff I have found is very inexpensive. I’ve only found it at Sam’s Club, and it comes in a lime green bucket with a blue lid, but it is by far the BEST! We’ve tried a LOT of different litters in the 10 years we have had our 2, and we swear by it. You get 40 lbs for about $11.50. We tried Arm & Hammer litter, and it didn’t do half the odor control that the green bucket stuff does, even with an automatic litter box.

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      Cats (even in the wild) cover their poo to keep pray away. Your cat is not feeling any threat so for him, there is no need to cover it up. You will just have to have the scooper ready to clear it when he goes. Also, I would not recommend using a covered box. If you can smell it, imagine what the cat is smelling and they have a better sense of smell than humans do. It will only discourage the use of the box at some point. The best litter I’ve found is Scoop Away. It is not dusty, it has great clumping action, it’s not expensive and can often come with a dollar off on the box, smells great and the cats love the texture. I clean out the box 2 or 3 times a day. I have multi boxes even as we do rescue cats as well as have our own. If you do that, there is no smell and the box stays fresh. It’s not the best job to have but if you and the people in the house take turns and stay on it. It will always be fresh. Good for you and them. Cheers on the rescue. I also rescued one at 1 week and had to teach it to potty. He is a pro at it and learned really fast. Just remember you have to think like a cat, not a human. It’s not always about what’s best for us but for them too. They are after all, family. 🙂

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