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      I made my cat a mouse to play with out of my old jeans! I cut 3 elongated triangles out of the old jean material. Like a tall pyramid. (about 2 inches by 4 inches) Then I sewed them on a sewing machine wrong sides together where the seams were on the outside. Use a zigzag stitch. I sewed the long sides together leaving the wide end open. I cut out a small triangle that matched the width of the wide end of the long triangles( 2x2x2) and when I had the long edges sewed I filled the ‘mouse with rice. You can also use beans. Kind of like making a beanbag. Then I took a long piece of the jean material and tied knots in it for the tail and then sewed the small triangle onto the bag with the tail tucked inside the seam. You can also sew two sides of the small triangle onto the mouse first and leave one side open to put in the rice. Then I sewed the last side closed. Also sew over the pointed end of the nose to reinforce it. If you’d like you can satin stitch ‘eye’s’ on two sides first for the eyes of your mouse. I sometimes make little whiskers on it with thread too. Tie knots on the thread on either side of the nose of the mouse! Your cat will like it because it’s got your smell on it and you can also add catnip inside if you like! My cat loved his!

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