Kitchen Sink Pot

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      Difficulty: Easy

      Age: 5 and up

      What you’ll need:

      4-6″ clay pot
      Fabric scraps, crepe paper, tissue paper or streamers
      White craft glue
      Paint brush
      White craft paint
      Yellow craft paint
      Acrylic sealer spray
      How to make it:

      Paint the clay pot white and set aside to dry.
      As it dries, cut fabric or paper into 1″ squares.
      Paint pot with a second coat of white paint, set aside to dry.
      Mix together equal parts of water and white craft glue in the bowl. Stir with paint brush until combined.
      When pot is dry, use paint brush to add glue/water mixture in small sections to the pot. Place fabric or paper squares onto glued areas then add more glue mixture on the top of the square to stick it to the pot.
      Continue this process in whatever pattern you like all over the pot. We used white, yellow and pink leftover streamers from a birthday party. We covered the pot in white squares first, and then randomly added yellow and pink.
      Set aside to dry completely.
      When pot is dry, paint the top rim and just underneath the rim with yellow craft paint (this step is optional).
      Spray with acrylic sealer and set aside to dry.
      Fill with kitchen utensils.
      Save streamers and tissue paper left over from birthday and other parties to use in your craft projects.
      If you don’t have white craft glue, white school glue will work just fine.
      Looks for tall pots to keep it from tipping over due to the weight of the kitchen utensils.

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