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      2 sets of measuring spoons
      2 sets of dry measuring cups
      2 glass liquid measuring cups
      1-quart liquid measuring cup
      biscuit cutter
      can opener
      citrus juicer
      coffee scoop
      cutting board
      garlic press
      ginger grater
      grater (large & hand-held)
      ice cream scoop
      kitchen tongs (long & short)
      long-handled fork
      meat pounder
      melon baller
      mortar and pestle
      pepper grinder
      potato ricer or masher
      salad spinner
      skewers (metal or wood)
      slotted spoons
      soup ladle
      spatulas, rubber (3 or 4 of various sizes & 1 high-heat)
      strawberry huller
      tea kettle
      thermometers (candy, meat & oven)
      timers (2)
      vegetable peeler
      vegetable brush
      vegetable steamer (collapsible)
      wire whisk or hard rubber whisk
      wooden spoons (4 or 5)

      baking dishes

      baking dishes (multiple sizes)
      microwave-safe casserole with lid
      mixing bowls (4 or more sizes)
      pasta bowl (serving)
      plastic containers (for storage)
      salad bowl (serving)
      small ingredient dishes (various sizes)

      pots & pans
      broiler pan
      cast-iron frying pan
      double boiler
      dutch oven
      frying pans (8″ & 10″) I have more than one
      of each
      large saute pan
      roasting pan
      saucepans (1-qt., 2-qt. & 3 qt.)
      stockpot (8 quart)

      carving knife
      chef’s knife
      kitchen shears
      paring knife (2)
      serrated bread knife
      serrated tomato knife
      sharpening steel
      steak knives

      baking equipment
      angel food cake pan
      baking sheet with rim
      cooling racks (2)
      flat baking sheets (2)
      flour sifter
      glass pie plates (2)
      loaf pan (2)
      muffin tins (2)
      oven baking stone (pizzas and bread)
      pastry blender
      pastry brush
      pastry scraper
      rolling pin
      round cake pans (2)
      springform pan (9″) I have more than one size
      square baking pan (9″x9″)

      coffee maker
      coffee grinder
      food processor
      hand mixer
      heavy-duty blender
      kitchen scale
      microwave oven
      standing mixer
      waffle iron (optional)
      crock pot (optional)

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      Wow, I didn’t know I had so much, till I started reading! My biggest kitchen essential would be my microwave! Plus from the $ Tree I found spatulas that can stand heat up to I think 500*.

      Plus they are brightly colored-easy to find! ps-a lot of this I don’t have…

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      I have most of it but would never consider a crock pot an optional item! Food processor might be optional, the coffee maker and grinder would most certainly be optional, but never a crockpot!

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      I probably don’t have a lot of these things. I love my crockpot so much I have 2 sizes of them. My favorite thing to do is dump recipes.

      I’m teaching my son how to as I am learning more about them.

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      I’m another one that has just got to have my Crock Pots. Love them!!!
      I so agree they’re NOT optional. But then again, neither is my coffee pot.

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      I don’t think the word optional should be next to crock pot. That should be under The Life Saving/Time Crunch list of Must Haves…but thats just me. lol

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      Also, what is a strawberry huller?

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      A strawberry huller is a little tool that pinches the stem and leaves and removes them and leaves the strawberry whole and lovely looking for those great strawberry pie recipes, etc.

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      I think I have a little ways to go. I thought you might need 2 measuring cups. thanks for the list. I saved it to see what I need.

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      Thank you, brchbell. I thought that is what it did, but never seen one before and obviously never used one.

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